Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty
A Kitty Kitty
Names and abilities
Name (refer to species name)
Species Name Kitty Kitty
Scientific Name Felis Mediocris
Abilities None
Other info
Occupation Typically: an innocent townsperson
Also Known As Normal Kitty; Basic Kitty; Tabby Kitty

Kitty Kitties are the primary species of Kittian in Kittyworld.


A typical Kitty Kitty is orange, has green eyes, and has two to three yellow stripes on its back. Also, you could look at the picture in the infobox :)

Appearances Edit

The Kitty Kitty first appeared in Issue #2.

Notable Members Edit

Mythology Edit

Kitty Kitties were said to have been the first evolution/mutation of the Origin Kitties, after one of The Three Creators had a MAGIC FART that caused said Origin Kitties to evolve.